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Expert Sod Installers in Dallas, Tx

With your lawn being the first thing a person sees when passing by your house it is very important to make sure it is visually appealing to the eye. The condition of your lawn can make or break the overall appearance of your home.  Sod grass provides the fastest solution to having your lawn the greenest on the block. Regardless of the size of your lawn care project, our sod grass professionals can take on any size job, big or small.

Our Dallas sod installation professionals have refined the process of any sod project from start to finish to give your new lawn its highest chance of success. Request a quote or call today (214) 609-1114 to schedule a sod installation project or delivery in Dallas, Tx.

Benefits of Installing SOD Grass

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Steps To Install Your Sod Grass:

  1. Removing existing lawn, that way, it prevents you from having an excessive organic soil layer as well as preventing potential drainage issues
  2. Determine the right lawn grade to be user-friendly for any drainage issues and we also take into consideration there space needed for adding soil amendments if your soil quality could use improvement in the future.
  3. High-quality top soil. If your soil is ever not draining well, then you could amend it by using a custom soil mix
  4. Compacting and grading. After the necessary amendments and topsoil are done, we will level it out to make sure it has a smooth and even surface. Lastly we make sure it is compact enough.
  5. Fertilizing your sod in order to make sure that it grows strong and healthy.

Sod Grass Installation

Our sod artisans install efficiently and effectively to ensure your new sod will have the ability to thrive at its new home.

  1. Delivery– sod is freshly cut and delivered to your home or business property.
  2. Install – sod rolls are laid out properly with staggering and with no gaps between rolls.
  3. Cuts– rolls near landscaping, lawn objects, walkways, etc.
  4. Cleaning Up – cut sod pieces, debris, soil and sod pallets are cleaned up and hauled away.
  5. Watering – our crew will provide advice for watering and caring for your new sod to ensure it will be healthy and lush for many more years to come.
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