The Top 10 Best Landscaping Companies In Dallas, Tx

When choosing the right Dallas landscaping company for your residential or commercial property, you need to be able to hire a reliable and trustworthy company that will do the job right the first time. It can be hard to choose the best one, with so many to choose from so I went ahead and compiled a list of the top 10 landscaping companies in Dallas.

Here are ten of the best landscaping companies you can find in Dallas, Texas. Be sure to read on to know more about them.

1. Care Green Landscaping

Of course, were going to be biased on this one but how can you blame us? Care Green landscaping company is number one on this list because it is simply the best landscaping company in Dallas Texas.

I mean! There is practically no other company that beats Care Green Landscaping when it comes to providing customers with top-notch and cutting edge landscape services. The company has years of experience in the field of Landscape design and construction. With their landscape experience and expertise, they have brought the vision of most landscaping enthusiast to reality.

Do you have an outstanding idea or design for your outdoor space and you are not sure how to go about it? Then, worry no more because, with Care Green Landscaping, your Landscaping dreams can actually come true. Care Green offer a lot of services that are pocket friendly and intriguing. These services include landscape design, landscape construction, landscape maintenance and care, lawn care and maintenance, mulching and so much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry down to Care Green Landscaping and let’s get started on your Landscaping adventure.

2. Cut N Edge Lawn and Landscape

This company has over 20 years of experience in landscape design and decoration. With careful consideration and consultation, Cut N Edge Lawn and Landscape have successfully provided their customers with the desired look they want for their outdoor space.

With their experienced and versatile landscape designers, they are capable of creating a design plan that has the ability to meet the exact look and dimensions you want for the project. They offer a wide range of landscaping services such as landscape design, landscape installation, mulching, lawn care, landscape maintenance, arbor design and construction, hardscaping, holiday lighting, irrigation repair, grass installation and so much more. The list just keeps going on and on. With Cut and Edge Lawn and Landscape, you get good value for your money.

 3. JLS Landscaping and Pools

JLS Landscaping and Pools offer quality and top notch landscaping services, landscaping build/design, and pool services. This company is located in Texas and has surely made its mark in the landscaping business. This company was established in the year 1999 with the aim of providing its customers the best services when it comes to landscaping.

Apart from the obvious, this company provides a wide range of services including; Landscape design and maintenance, swimming pool design, swimming pool construction, lawn care and maintenance, custom fences, custom homes, flower beds, rock walls, pavestone, sod installation, design of outdoor kitchens for both commercial and residential areas and lots more. They are a cutting edge landscaping firm that gives nothing short of excellence when it comes to landscaping.

4. Three Kings Grounds Keeping

If you want unique landscaping services that can meet your personal needs, then Three Kings Grounds Keeping is the company for you. This company is the best company to give your yard or any other outdoor space that heavenly look it needs.

If you use your backyard for relaxation and leisure activities, then you might want to make look as fancy as possible. Three Kings Grounds Keeping specialise in a wide range of landscaping services including landscape design, landscape construction, landscape maintenance and care, Artificial grass installation, hardscaping, pavement installation, lawn seeding, lawn maintenance and care, mulching, masonry, pool landscaping, lighting installation and so much more. Also, the pricing of their services is also cheap and affordable.

5. Synthetic Grass Pros

When it comes to the installation of artificial turf, Synthetics Grass Pros is the best company there is. They are the best solution for anything grass and lawn care. They have well-trained staff and highly experienced employees that can get the job done as fast as possible while yielding the best result. They don’t use outside employees to carry out their projects as everything is done in-house.

They mostly specialise in artificial grass installation and landscape construction. With Synthetic Grass Pros, you can definitely rest easy while you watch your money work for you.

6. Accent Landscape

Accent Landscape is another top notch landscape company in Dallas Texas. They are strategically positioned and capable of fulfilling your dreams of landscaping designs. They have very high standards that most landscaping companies strive to live up to and their pricing is also affordable.

They offer a lot of services too, including; landscape design, landscape construction, pool landscaping and design, garden design and drought tolerant landscaping services. They are a very good and trustworthy landscaping company with a lot of expertise.

7. Red Sun Landscape

The most preferred landscape company in the whole of east Dallas is Red Sun Landscape. This company is located in East Dallas, relatively close to the White Rock Lake and it is well known for its unique Landscaping design and building expertise. They are experts in the installation of landscapes and hardscapes.

Their designs and services are affordable, unique, beautiful, functional and appealing. Their services include; deck design, drafting, custom fire pits, gazebo design and construction, hardscaping, custom water features, pool landscaping, site planning, landscape design and construction and so much more.

8. Crimson Landscape

This landscaping company is owned by a disabled veteran. Whatever requirements and design you might have for your outdoor space, with crimson landscape experience/expertise, you can surely achieve it.

They have an experienced team of employees that can definitely get the job done for you. They also offer a huge list of services that are equally affordable. These services include custom fire pits, excavating services, concrete construction, drip irrigation installation, hardscaping, pool landscaping and design, landscape construction and design and lots more.

9. Scapes Incorperated

Scrapes Incorporated is one of Dallas area’s top-notch and high-end landscape company/contractor. All of Dallas area knows this complete-service landscaping design and construction company. They make the best and most beautiful landscape designs for the Dallas residents. They offer a lot of services that are more than pocket friendly.

These services include; landscape design and construction, artificial grass installation, driveway gate installation, gate installation, decorative concrete, landscape lighting installation and a whole bunch of other services that customers will definitely be interested in.

10. MP Landscape and Outdoor Management

Finally, the last on the list but not the least in any way is MP Landscape and Outdoor Management. This company is the best outdoor living space designer in the Dallas area. They are extremely unique with their designs and quality, and they are well known and trusted by the Dallas residents.

Their services include; hardscaping, fence installation, outdoor kitchen construction, mulching and lots more.
With all that said, there are literally hundreds of landscaping companies to choose from and most of which offer the best services you can find. However, I still think that the first company listed on this list, which is Care Green Landscaping Company should be everybody’s number one choice when it comes to landscaping.

In conclusion, if you need help on your next project feel free to contact Care Green, the best landscaping company in Dallas, Tx. We offer free quotes and estimates 7 days a week.

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