What Is The Best Time to Water Grass in Texas? (2020 Guide)

During hot weather season, creating a deep root system should be a goal to every gardener. At each irrigation time, lawns should be watered to depths of up to six inches. To determine how long irrigation should be performed, there are several ways to do.

However, the simplest is the use of cat food cans. Collect them and randomly set them around your lawn. Carry out the irrigation the period you’re used to performing, check the collected water in the cans and determine the average amount.

This should be closely followed by digging down to determine the depth water managed to penetrate. Your calculations should be used to determine adjustments you might need in-water time.

For sloped lawns, the amount can be applied twice two times an hour so that slope run-off can be slowed. Water percolation rate has also affected the type of soil and soil depth at large.

Finding out the frequency of watering grass is also a factor to maintain a healthy garden. Always ensure the exercise is correctly done and left until stress point approaches.

Stress point is a common issue noticed with the St. Augustine, Zoysia and Bermuda grass, the leaves of this type of grass starts to fold. At this time, irrigation should be timed to maintain a healthy lawn.

You need to spend a week or two for merely observing the lawn and set irrigation accordingly to ensure a drought-tolerant garden is maintained.

This is a water-wise approach to help your lawn withstand water rationing stresses as they arise. In drought seasons, irrigation should be done during the winter when the roots require moisture and are still alive.

Most parts of Texas exhibit a sub-tropical climate; this means there is plenty of rainfall and high humidity levels. This is a combination that turns some uncomfortable during the summer season. The weather that maintains lawns evergreen and lush all through.

However, this doesn’t mean that people stop watering their lawns. Other parts of Texas experience high summer temperatures stretching low rainfall to those areas; this affects lawns in such areas negatively. However, your yard will still maintain a fresh green look if you get an idea of the watering grass basics in Texas.

Best time of the day to water grass in Texas

Lawns will maintain their green look if adequately watered and at the right time. The appropriate time to water your grass in Texas is very early in the morning. It’s recommended to set up sprinklers to shower grass from 4 am to 10 am.

This is the time the air is still preventing water from being blown away by the wind in different patterns. It’s also the time temperatures aren’t hot for water to evaporate before it gets absorbed into the ground. 

Watering should not be done later hours of the day as this can lead grass from staying damp for long throughout the night. This brings about the growth of unsightly harmful fungus.

How often be the exercise performed?

There is a need to carry out adjustments to your watering frequencies in Texas since rain conditions in the area vary. However, in normal circumstances, exercise should be done once daily.

How long should sprinklers run?

For better results, the sprinkler should be left running for about fifteen minutes. The watering schedule can be adjusted based on the landscape of your lawn and its uniqueness.

In case there is a runoff, it’s an indication you’re over-watering the lawn, and this should be avoided. This is a bad practice for both the environment and the lawn itself. You should also ensure to practice using water sparingly all through.

Watering Bermuda, Zoysia and St. Augustine Grass

The type of grass in Texas determines most how you should plan watering exercise. Below we will learn more about watering grass of different types in Texas.

Watering Bermuda grass

Every week, this type of grass needs about 1-1.25 inches of water to maintain it healthy all through the summer season.

However, this is a different case to areas with sandy grounds; half-inch water is required to be maintained. This should be applied after three days to have it always look green and fresh.

Watering Zoysia grass

This is a drought resistance type of grass. It doesn’t need much water for it to survive health all through. Gardeners require only half to inch water every week to maintain the lawn green and grow healthy all through the summer season.

Watering St. Augustine grass

For this type of grass, watering period is determined by the time of the year. First and last three months of the year requires gardeners to water their lawns five hours after ten days.

When the year is at its mid months, sprinkling should be done regularly for about two hours at each sprinkle. This watering plan applies to new St. Augustine grass; it is a different thing to established grass.

To the established grass, the first phase of the first and last three months, watering should be performed after two weeks for five hours at each sprinkle.

At the mid months, do it on a weakly basis for about five hours at each sprinkle to maintain the grass health.

If you have varieties of grass in your lawn, you should consult an expert for how you should do it. 

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