Lawn Care vs Landscaping: What Is The Difference? (5 Differences)

Lawn Care vs Landscaping: What Is The Difference? (5 Differences)

Many people still find it difficult to understand the difference between lawn care professionals and landscapers, and this is due to the fact that most people use these terms interchangeably confusing lawn care and landscaping. In fact, most companies offer both lawn care services and landscaping services together. However, some offer one and not the other. Knowing the difference between both will enable you to understand better what service is required for your problem.

When we pit landscaping vs lawn care, we discover that generally lawn care is often less time and effort consuming as the mow and blow operation can be done in minutes, compared to landscaping which requires ample knowledge, plenty of experience, and time to perform.

Before we get into the main differences between lawn care vs landscaping, let’s learn about each one.

What Is Lawn Care?

Lawn care can be thought of as improving on the existing yard area without any dramatic change to its layout or structure. A lawn care company engages in fertilization, performing pest control, replacing sod, and planting seeds. They also take care of the existing yard by mowing, trimming, and weed eating. Most lawn care companies offer these services together, although you will find that there are specialist lawn care companies and lawn maintenance companies.

What Is Landscaping?

On the other hand, landscaping can involve the transformation of an outdoor space either through planting, construction, or by reorganization. It involves installation and maintenance of plants like shrubs, vines, trees, bulbs, annuals, and so on. In addition, landscaping may involve placement of birdbaths, fountains, fire pits, and even statues.

Landscapers make use of a range of machinery for digging, demolition, building, and moving materials around. They are very knowledgeable about plants and can offer clients advice on what to do and what to avoid, due to their wealth of experience.

What Services Does Lawn Care Include?

Lawn cares often comes into play only when a garden is present within the area. To ensure that your lawn’s beauty is kept in top shape, a typical lawn care company will usually provide you with the following services.

Lawn Mowing

This is the service that involves mowing of the entire grass area, trimming of overgrown plants, edging of hard surfaces, and cleaning up all the garbage.

Fertilization and Weed Control

This is one important service in lawn care. For fertilization, appropriate and high-quality fertilizers are used on the lawn to allow it to grow healthier, while weeds have to be cleared out from time to time.

Clean Ups

Cleanups are often done during the spring and fall seasons to remove and dispose of fallen leaves, accumulated debris, and other small cleanup tasks are done in front of the home as well as its backyard lawns.


This process removes some small cores from the lawn to eliminate thatch, loosen up the soil, allowing water and nutrients to reach deeper into the ground.


Dethatching involves the removal of thatch in the lawn to prevent fungal spread.

What Services Does Landscaping Include?

When it comes to landscaping, there are several activities involved. Good landscaping activities should perfectly suit your house styling. If you are wondering what is included in landscaping, here are some essential services:

Trimming & Pruning

Trimming and pruning trees and shrub is essential for landscape design. This is done by professionals who maintain a balance and don’t do heavy trimming that could destroy plants or too little trimming that make some plants crowd out others.

Cleaning Walkways, Walls, and Patios:

Walkways should be rid of debris. Plants are monitored so they do not grow onto walls or patios where they shouldn’t and trimmed or removed to keep the house beautiful and easily accessible.

Installation of Water Features

There are many options for water features like ponds, ornamental pools, fountains, and waterfalls. All of which provides a tranquil and serene outdoor setting.

Construction Of Drainage System: Some people prefer less decor, more functionality with drainage solutions. A part of landscaping is to create drainage systems that ensure your home is not easily flooded and your perfect lawn is not destroyed.

Why They Are Both Important?

Lawn care and landscaping are important as they improve the surroundings around your home and also boost the environment.

A small 80 x 80 feet lawn can provide sufficient oxygen to a family of 4. The oxygen generated improves air quality, absorbing different air pollutants helping to fight pollution. A natural way to purify the air around you is with grass.

A well-maintained lawn also protects against erosion as the water retention in it is better than what is obtained in many crop fields. Not to mention the fact that grass is able to reduce noise, so children get to play in the green area.

Along with lawn care, landscaping helps to increase the value of a property more than any other method. In fact, landscaping is one of the most effective enrichment you can make to your residence to drive up the value immediately. And to let the value continue increasing as time passes.

One important landscaping modification is lighting which enhances winter landscapes, bushes, and decorations, and even accentuating trees which boosts the visual appearance and makes landscaping appealing. Lighting can be very helpful in beautifying the landscape.


Now you know the major differences between landscaping and lawn care. Both  services are very important to any lawn. In hiring a company that will help to keep your outdoor areas looking their best, you should be sure of what you want to get your desired outcome.

If what you want is someone who will take care of your lawn and yard, and carry out simpler tasks like mowing, fertilization, and weed control, the route to go is lawn care and lawn maintenance. However, if what you are looking for are bigger layout and design changes, then it would make sense to consult a landscaping company.

In all, keep in mind that these services are not mutually exclusive. Since they overlap, be open to asking question and if you want a bit of everything, there are companies that can provide that. They not only give you professional lawn care and lawn maintenance, but they can also help with bespoke landscaping designs that meet your goals for your front or backyard.

If you need lawn care or landscaping services done right the first time, feel free to call Care Green or get a FREE QUOTE today!

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